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On Novermber 5th, 1973, Mr. Crippa Gian Claudio, after years of experience working in a traditional textile company, decided to go his own way and found EUROTEX, a company specializing in the production of woven ribbons for technical and sports usage. He knew that only a young, modern and flexible company with strong family values would be able to remain competitive through time.
The idea behind EUROTEX was a success and the company formed an active collaboration, on a practical as well as a decisional level, with the second generation of the Crippa family, their two sons. In the late 80s a new dyeing and finishing line for narrow fabrics was installed in order to be able to offer a better and larger range of products.

1992: The company, now well-established, moved to what is still today their headquarters.
We firmly believe that technology, professionalism, experience, and the constant study of market dynamics as well as customer needs are the secret weapons that have made EUROTEX widely known and appreciated for the production of high-quality products, as well as being a reliable partner.
Our strengths are:

thirty years of experience in the production of narrow fabrics.

  • technologically advanced machinery.
  • qualified and experienced personnel.
  • an area of over 3,000 square meters.
  • A large number and variety of raw materials in stock,
  • management information system and monitoring of production
  • Finishing and dyeing in-house
  • quality management system certificate ISO

Thanks to our strengths, we are able to quickly provide answers and make quick deliveries that meet every need, even in the creation of new and exclusive products.